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Що робити, якщо грунт дитячого садка часто пошкоджується? Можливо, ви захочете спробувати суперзносостійку підлогу з ПВХ

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Kindergartens are places where young children learn and grow. Floor materials are closely related to the lives of kindergarten children. The quality of floor materials is also related to children's health and safety. Therefore, the decoration materials of kindergarten must be strictly selected.

But in fact, if you want to choose decorative materials that are beneficial to the healthy growth of young children, the first thing to pay attention to is "green", "safety" and "environmental protection", not only this, but also other properties of the ground! topflor takes you to know the PVC floor material suitable for kindergarten.

At present, the indoor flooring used in kindergartens is mainly PVC flooring. The ground is the place where children have the most contact. They like to turn over, run, read books and play games on the ground. Therefore, the floor needs to be environmentally friendly, and also needs to have anti-skid, clean, silent, flexible and wear-resistant performance. The floor material of the kindergarten should have a warm touch to meet the needs of children's growth.

PVC flooring has super scrub resistance, pollution resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance and long service life, and has become the new favorite of many kindergartens.

The PVC floor of the kindergarten is waterproof, and the teacher can rinse it directly, but it is not recommended to wet the ordinary PVC for a long time, which is easy to shorten the service life.

PVC flooring is a green and environmentally friendly material: 100% new raw materials, including PVC powder, stone powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, no o-phthalate plasticizers, 100% recyclable, free of heavy metals, DOP, VOC, heavy metals, Formaldehyde and benzene meet the high-level French A+ certification for indoor environmental certification.

PVC floor is a clean material: 100% waterproof, PVC and water have no affinity, and will not mold due to high humidity. In the southern areas with more rainy seasons, the floor will not be deformed due to moisture, which is a good choice for kindergarten.

The super wear-resistant PVC floor will not be easily damaged, allowing children to run freely on it. Anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, easy to clean, stable and not deformed.

The super wear-resistant PVC floor can also be designed in a unified style according to the environment of the kindergarten, giving children different kindergarten places.