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Інструкція з дезінфекції та прибирання підлоги лікарні

переглядів:81 Автор: Редактор сайту Час публікації: 2021-04-13 Походження: Сайт

The new crown epidemic has continued to ferment. As the main battlefield of the anti-war epidemic, hospitals are very important for the prevention and infection control requirements of bacteria and viruses. There are many ways of infection of the new crown virus. In addition to spreading through droplets, it also passes through hand contact and Spread on the surface of the environment. Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of new coronary pneumonia in the hospital, people need to perform personal protection in addition to disinfecting the hospital regularly, such as patient beds, monitors, door handles, toilets, and even the floor under their feet every day. Clean and disinfect regularly.

As a public place with densely-populated and high mobility, people often walk on the floor of the hospital. Cleaning equipment or carts are often in contact with the hospital floor. How should the floor under frequent use be cleaned? In the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, how should the disinfection and sterilization of the hospital floor be done?

When it comes to disinfection and sterilization of hospital floors, the first thing that comes to mind is 84 disinfectant. Nowadays, many hospital floor materials choose PVC coiled floor. Some PVC floor surfaces have been specially treated to have good acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, Scratch resistance, anti-iodine and other properties, while being resistant to various chemicals, it can also resist the infiltration of various disinfectant detergents. We can safely and boldly repeat the ground disinfection and sterilization work. Such floor materials are nothing more than an ideal choice for hospitals.

However, some PVC floors that have not been specially treated can only withstand some mild cleaning products. In this case, floor disinfection will be subject to various restrictions. After all, many disinfectants are corrosive. It will cause irreversible damage to the PVC floor, and will directly affect the use effect and aesthetics. In such a situation, we can dilute the 84 disinfectant and use it in conjunction with the plastic floor cleaner, but it cannot be used frequently. Therefore, the choice of surface materials in the space during the decoration process is very important, especially for the hospital floor.

Strict disinfection measures can better ensure the safety of life and health. In addition to 84, we can also choose hydrogen peroxide disinfectants for disinfection, which can also achieve the disinfection effect. Only by taking preventive measures can the spread of new coronary pneumonia be avoided.