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Ni faida gani za kufunga tiles za michezo za PP kwenye mahakama ya michezo?

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Among the many prosperous sports floors, suspended assembled floors are the first to be promoted. It uses healthy environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer synthetic rubber as raw materials, does not produce residual odors, and can ensure healthy breathing during exercise. , Provide a comfortable environment for sports. Its professional hydrophobic bottom groove design, rapid drainage, reduces the impact of rain and snow on the sports field, and has good abrasion resistance, service life, portable installation and movement, etc. These advantages in sports support Suspended assembled flooring has become a professional and recognized sports floor, and it is widely used in countries all over the world. About 100,000 venues use suspended assembled flooring. Many athletes' training grounds use suspended assembled floors, which is a powerful manifestation of their sports performance.

The suspended assembled floor also has a beautiful and fixed effect. Usually three people can complete the installation of a standard basketball court in less than 5 hours, and its sports performance has also been praised by the majority of athletes. The surface of Juu ya maua Sports's suspended assembly floor is matt treated, so it does not absorb light or reflect glare. Wei injury and so on. It is consistent with the brightness of the light, can well protect the eyes, and is not prone to fatigue. The cold shrinkage coefficient of the cold-shrinkable assembled floor is 2‰-3‰. Such an expansion value will not cause the assembled floor to vacate from the ground in the up and down direction. In the left and right directions, the joints of the two assembled floors are not tightly attached. Put together, but there are professional expansion buckles to reserve some gaps to ensure the expansion and contraction of each assembled floor, plus the expansion and contraction area reserved around the site, enough to ensure the use of the entire site.

Effectively solve the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor. At the same time, it has stable surface friction, anti-ultraviolet rays, and ensures that the floor does not fade when exposed to sunlight. The suspended structure design has a shock absorption effect. The non-slip surface can prevent sports falls and good ball return. Elastic energy and ball speed ensure the sports performance of the floor. According to the different surface textures, there are several types of mainstream floating floors on the market: single-layer rice-character pattern, double-layer rice-character pattern, double-layer square, double-layer snowflake, and floating floor plank (for roller skating venues). The thickness of the single-layer rice-shaped pattern floating floor is about 1.25cm, which is more suitable for non-professional sports fields such as ordinary sports venues and kindergartens; the thickness of the double-layer rice-shaped pattern is about 1.5cm, and the ball rebound and friction are more Strong, more suitable for high-intensity sports venues.

Suspended sports floor has a long service life, good sports performance, anti-skid and other advantages. It can make the ball have a regular sports service life of 5-8 years. It can be used all-weather without climatic and geographical restrictions. It can be used indoors and outdoors.