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Je! Ni faida gani za sakafu ya homogeneous ya PVC?

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Homogeneous floor is a very popular new type of lightweight floor material in the world, also known as "lightweight floor". It is widely used in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. It can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, office buildings, factories, retail and other commercial buildings.


The main components of homogeneous floor are PVC resin, plasticizer, stabilizer, filler, pigment, etc. It is a PVC floor material with the same pattern from the surface to the bottom. The advantages includes strong wear resistance, impact resistance, three-dimensional and realistic pattern, environmental protection, etc. The wear resistance level of high-quality homogeneous floor reaches group T grade, and its application time is more than 30 years.


The main usage of homogeneous floor include:

1. Medical system (including hospital, laboratory, pharmaceutical factory, sanatorium, etc.)

2. Education system (including schools, training centers, kindergartens, etc.)

3. Commercial system (including shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment and leisure centers, catering industry, specialty stores, etc.)

4. Office system (office building, conference room, etc.)

5. Industrial system (plant, warehouse, etc.)

6. Transportation system (airport, railway station, bus station, wharf, etc.)


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