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Tiirarka caagga ah ee isku xiran

Views:16 Qore: Tifatiraha Goobta Waqtiga Daabacaadda: 2022-01-04 Asal ahaan: Goob

Most gyms have rubber floors, or partially padded, or cover the entire gym. It not only has shock absorption function, it is extremely wear-resistant, can absorb the impact of hard heavy objects and continuous hammering, and reduce the possibility of injury. The rubber floor makes our exercise safer.

New-style buckle floor mat: The buckle installation is more convenient and stable. The buckle can make the floor mat and the floor mat assemble more closely to prevent the gap from being scattered and prevent the edge warping.


1. It is elastic, non-slip, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, shock-absorbing, sound-absorbing, sound-proof, anti-static, moisture-proof, and waterproof (good water permeability);

2. Good weather resistance (suitable for use under various environmental conditions) and temperature resistance (normal use at -40°C-100°C);

3. Rich colors, harmonious and beautiful; soft texture, comfortable walking;

4. Easy to lay, several colors can be spliced and combined; free to relocate;

5. Aging resistance (with good oxidation resistance, to meet long-term outdoor use), easy to clean, and easy to maintain;

6. Wide use place (suitable for any place indoor or outdoor).