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Iyo huru color system yetafura tenisi rabha

Views:161 Munyori: Saiti Saiti Shamba Nguva: 2020-11-13 Kwayakatangira: Saiti

Table tennis is called China's national ball, and it is a sport suitable for all ages. Many fitness sports exhibition halls and academic exhibition halls in China have set up table tennis venues. There is no limit to the standard for table tennis floor glue. Since the total area is not large, if table tennis tables can be placed, the venue can be super transformed anytime and anywhere. Professional place.

Mutsara mutsvuku

In the world of table tennis, everyone loves to see the beauty and resistance between players, and they applaud the player’s repeated ratings. Football fans say it is the plastic art of table tennis. Outside of here, in fact, a table tennis field is also a part of the art of table tennis. In our ordinary football field, it turns into a handicraft. Do you want to play basketball here?

In many table tennis courts, red is a classic color that is difficult to surpass. Red is the main color on the table tennis court. Whether it is an international competition or a Chinese game, a touch of red is the rhythm that will not change in the table tennis court. In the example of table tennis floor glue in Limei’s room, red is still a "good color" recognized by customers or customers.

Makara akapenya

With the changes in the sales market and customers' requirements for venue experience, the red color for table tennis flooring is no longer the preferred choice. The diversified selection requirements are the urgent requirements for the improvement of sports venues. Compared with the traditional red table tennis rubber floor, the dark blue place is full of novelty. Integration with the surrounding natural environment has greatly improved the overall natural environment. In Limei’s blue enchantress, the table tennis court occupies the main role. When red is not the only one, after seeing the simplicity of red, the fresh dark blue color of the road surface impacts everyone's understanding of the table tennis court.

Green Department

Rio de Janeiro's passionate opening meeting stimulated the core concept of green environmental protection. Emerald green instantly became the main color of the Rio Olympics. It is another disruptive innovation after the new table tennis project entered the Summer Olympics after the "Royal Blue" floor glue of the Beijing Olympics. The green table tennis floor glue protects eyesight more visually, and the cloth paper series products have incomparable advantages. Whether it is abrasion-resistant ground, anti-skid or cushioning, digestion and absorption, they all show good power for players and help Push sports people get a lot of technical professional competition experience.

Gray series 

Gray is the more fashionable color in floor materials in recent years. It is unassuming, airy, and can hide gray. Limei has created a sports venue with charm and value under the fashion trend of environmental protection and simple life. The dark gray spar texture is also a classic table tennis floor glue, whether it is laid by enterprises or residential quarters, it has proved its excellent characteristics. For the company's use, this floor glue product is sufficient.

From classic red to Mexican green to gemstone grey powder, the table tennis venue is undergoing a color change, but what remains unchanged is everyone's love for table tennis.