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Как отличить качество спортивного пола ПВХ

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Nowadays, PVC sports floors are very common, you will see them when you go to various sports venues. The application in sports is far ahead of other fields. However, the future trend is to cover all aspects of our lives. Under such a general trend, the quality of fish and dragon mixed is uneven. How do you distinguish the quality of PVC sports floors? Let's take a look at it by Topflor

 First of all, we pick up a floor and take a look at its appearance, whether it is delicate or rough, whether the color is saturated, whether the surface is bright, the most important thing is to remember to look at its cross section? Because the quality of foam determines the sports performance of PVC sports floor!

 The production process of PVC flooring determines that it will go through many chemical processes. Smell whether there is a pungent odor in the nose, the inferior floor will have a seemingly pungent odor, because despite their special treatment, the essential odor cannot be completely covered. High-quality flooring will also have a taste, but it is the aroma of chemical processes. This is the key to determine whether a floor is environmentally friendly.

 Be patient and ask the seller about product characteristics, test reports, and their engineering cases. If they are not talking about their products the most during the communication, then you must be vigilant.

General identification of basic methods of PVC sports flooring:

 Cut: Use a hard object, such as a key, to scratch the surface of the floor sample to see if the floor will be scratched, and to what extent? This is looking at the wear resistance of sports floors. The wear resistance of PVC sports floors is much higher than other floors.

 Roll: Roll the PVC sports floor sample into a tube, one roll for each of the positive and negative, and then put it on a flat place and wait for it to be automatically flattened. The speed of the flattening will let you clearly see the flexibility of this PVC sports floor How is it!

 Pinch: pinch the floor with your fingers to see if the floor will be pinched out of the hole, and it won't bounce for a long time, or it's hard to pinch, if you pinch out of the hole, or pinch You should know what a product is. A good PVC sports floor has a good rebound. Only a good rebound can give athletes a comfortable foot and safe protection.

Than: The quality of any product can be obtained by comparison. The PVC sports floor is also the same. You can put two or more brand product floors together and you can feel it by the methods mentioned above. Which brand is good and which brand is bad.