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Treatment and installation process of the wall on the PVC floor as a skirting line

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The PVC floor is laid directly from the ground on the wall as a skirting line, which is a very popular method in paving. Its construction generally includes the following steps:


(1) Detect the flatness of the ground and the wall, and the flatness is required to be ≤3mm/. If the requirements are not met, putty should be used to fill the floor. The floor is dry, clean and free of oil stains;


(2) Cut the PVC floor according to the room size, shape and the height of the upper wall. At the yin and yang corners, it is necessary to cut the PVC floor according to the prefabricated templates for the yin and yang corners. The prefabricated templates for the yin and yang corners are symmetrical right-angled triangles. constitute;


(3) Use super glue to paste the over-internal corner rubber strip or over-exposure rubber strip to the corner of the male and female corners;


(4) Fix the PVC edge banding strip to the wall panel as required, and use a scraper to evenly apply the water-based glue to the ground and wall;


(5) When the glue dries to a certain extent, start laying the PVC floor from the flat section; use cork blocks to press the PVC floor while laying, and use a baking gun to soften the PVC floor at the corners;


(6) Cut the PVC floor at the male and female corners according to the pre-designed molds, apply super glue on the reverse side of the PVC floor cut by the female corner prefabricated template and the female corner prefabricated template, use a hot baking gun to bake the corners, and use it when pasting The cork block pushes the surface hard;


(7) After the PVC floor is laid, use a corner knife to repair and clean the butt joints, and then use a plastic welder to continuously and smoothly weld the butt joints. After the welding is firm, use a cutter to repair the welds to make them smooth and smooth.

The floor at the transitional part of the inner corner is close to the wall and the ground, and the PVC floor is fastened with screws after a certain distance on the wall and then sealed with a decorative cover.



The PVC floor is directly laid on the wall from the ground as a skirting line and the aluminum alloy edge band is used to seal the edges, so that the PVC floor is smoothly transitioned at the yin and yang corners of the wall. This installation type is convenient and simple in construction, without cracking, no drums, and welding seams. Beautiful, easy to operate, easy to clean, especially suitable for large public places.