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Hoe lijmresten op PVC-kunststofvloeren verwijderen?

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PVC plastic floor is beautiful and elegant, but the glue left on the floor after construction is a headache for consumers. Many consumers do not properly remove the glue residue on the plastic floor when building the plastic floor, and walk on the floor, causing all the footprints on the floor. How to correctly remove the residual glue?


  1. Wipe with paper towels or rags with some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, or with medical alcohol), and then wipe several times to clean.

  2. Use acetone. This method is the same as the above method. The better way is that it can remove the residue glue quickly and easily, which is better than the sprayer.

  3. Wash with nail polish. It is the same as alcohol acetone. The results are pretty good. Nail polish does not need to be of good quality or average, as long as the nail polish can be removed.

  4. Use hand cream. First, tear off the surface of the printed matter, then squeeze some hand cream on it, and rub it slowly with your thumb. After a while, all the residue will stick. Slow down. Hand cream is an oily substance whose properties are not compatible with gum. This feature is used to remove the glue.

  5. Use banana water. This is an industrial agent used to remove paint and is easily available. This method is also similar to alcohol acetone.

  The auxiliary materials used in these methods are common in daily life, and the operation method is relatively simple. It is important to remove residual glue from PVC plastic flooring.