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Ground rubber size and line drawing operation skills of various sports venues

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Spring is coming, and the peak season for sports and fitness is also coming. The construction and installation of various stadiums has significantly accelerated the pace. Tengfang sports ground glue can also better protect the athletes’ bodies. There are also specifications and lines on various stadiums. Strict size standards.


Basketball court rubber size:


1. The size of the court playing area, 28x15 meters (excluding line width), the ceiling or the lowest obstacle is not less than 7 meters;


2. There is no audience, billboards or other obstacles within 2 meters of the line. The long line is called the side line, that is, the 28-meter line, and the short line is called the end line, that is, the 15-meter line, and the line width is 5cm.


3. The center circle, with a radius of 1.8 meters, is calculated from the outer edge of the circumference. The front field circle and the rear field circle are the same, and the two ends of the center line are extended by 15cm.


Divisions 4 and 3, with the intersection of the vertical ground of the ring as the center of the circle and 6.25 meters as the radius, draw a semi-circular arc, and the midpoint along the end line is 1.575 meters from the center of the circle.


5. Restricted area, free throw line


(1) Draw two lines from both ends of the free throw line to 3 meters away from the midpoint of the end line, (all measured from the outer edge of the line) called-restricted area.


(2) The penalty area is a restricted area plus a semicircle area centered on the free throw line and 1.8 meters in radius. The semicircle in the restricted area should be drawn with a dashed line. The free throw line is 5.8 meters from the outer edge of the end line and 3.6 meters in length.


(3) The first line is 1.75 meters away from the inner edge of the end line, the width of the first position area is 0.85 meters, and the neutral area of 0.3 meters is next to it. The position areas 2 and 3 are 0.85 meters wide and the quantile line is 0.1 meters high. 0.05 meters wide, perpendicular to the sideline of the penalty area.


6. Buffer zone, generally 2 meters on the side and 1 meter on the end.


Ground rubber size of volleyball court:


1. The venue, the competition area is 18x9 meters rectangular, and there are at least 3 meters long and symmetrical barrier-free areas around it, from the ground to a height of 7 meters without obstacles. The international men's volleyball team has at least 5 meters outside the barrier-free zone, at least 8 meters outside the end line, at least 12.5 meters high above the competition area, and a 3x3 meters free zone outside the buffer zone.


2. The color of the ground must be light, the boundary of the playing field is white, and the game area and the barrier-free area are different colors.


3. The game line width is 5cm, 18x9 including line width.


Ground rubber size of badminton court:


1. Badminton court, rectangular line width 4cm, color white or yellow; size 13.4x6.1m doubles; 13.4x5.18m;


2. Test 4 areas of normal ball speed, 4x4 marks, draw on the inner edge of the right side of the single serve, 530cm and 950cm from the inner edge of the end line


Ground rubber size:


The tennis court is a rectangular field with a length of 36.58 meters and a width of 18.29 meters. The playing field is 23.77 meters long and 10.97 meters wide, and the court is surrounded by a 4 meter high fence to facilitate ball picking. The stadium lights should be evenly distributed on both sides of the court with 8 1000-watt lamps, the illumination can reach 350 LUX, and a pair of tennis center net posts should be equipped. The center of the net is 0.914 meters high. Both the water pusher and the windproof net should be necessary facilities for outdoor tennis courts.