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Explain the installation method tutorial of PVC lock floor in detail

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PVC lock floor is a unique connection technology between floor and floor. The locking pvc floor is easy to install, and it's a perfect fit. When installing, it can be used without glue, which is convenient for multiple use; a small amount of glue can also be applied, which has a double protective effect on the moisture-proof and connection of the floor.

The ground requirements for the lock plastic floor before installation: the leveling work must have been completed.

Ground flatness: The slope of 1m long distance is less than 3mm. The ground must be completely dry, cured, flat and clean. 

The installation of PVC lock floor requires floor type: cement or ceramic tile floor.

The floor can be installed on the existing floor, such as wooden floor, linen floor, PVC floor tile, etc., but cannot be installed on the soft floor, such as carpet.

Construction tools for PVC lock floor installation: tape measure, cutting machine, hammer, knock block, glass glue. 

Installation process of pvc plastic lock floor: 

1. Start paving from the corner of the wall. Place the tongue side of the board against the wall, leaving a gap of 10mm between the wall and the short side of the board.

2. Align the next board with the short side of the first board at a certain angle. Place the board flat on the ground while pressing it forward. Use the same method to complete the installation of the first row. The floor should be cut to an appropriate length, leaving a 10mm gap with the wall. Start the installation of the next row with the remaining boards (longer than 300mm).

3. Align the tongue of the first board of the new row with the groove of the previous row to reach a certain angle. Press the board forward and lay it flat on the ground.

4. Align the short side of the board with the previous board installed at a certain angle and fold it down. Make sure that the position of this board is locked into one with the previous board.

5. Slightly lift the board (together with the installed board of the previous row, about 30mm), press it into the previous row and lower it. When the first three rows are installed, adjust the distance between the floor and the wall to 10mm. Follow the above method to continue the installation until the end.

The installation method of PVC lock floor: should be installed in the slot. 

Key points of construction before installing PVC lock floor:

1. There should be approximately 10 mm expansion joints around the walls, pipes and door frames. For rooms larger than 100 square meters-more than 10 meters in length and width, there should be expansion gaps. Leave a gap of no less than 13 mm between the door and the ground, and ensure that the normal opening and closing of the door will not wear out with the ground.

2. It can be used on the surface of cement floor and ceramic tile or the sub-floor that has infiltrated moisture. A layer of moisture-proof mat must be laid underneath.

3. After the product enters the installation site, it should be placed in a ventilated, backlit, and non-humid place. The product must be stored at room temperature without opening the package for 48 hours before installation.

4. Always put heavy objects (such as a bundle of boards) on the place where you just connect each time to make it stable.

5. Reserved height: The lock type moisture-proof mat has a thickness of 1mm and a floor height of 10.5mm, totaling 11.5mm. The customer should properly reserve 12mm according to the contact part of the cork floor and other grounds higher than the height of the finished product, especially the door cover, corner, heating cover and other irregular details, which should also be dealt with