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पीव्हीसी क्रीडा मजल्याची साफसफाई आणि देखभाल कशी करावी?

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Clean as new ground can be said to be the finishing touch for sports venues. If the ground of sports venues is made messy, it will not only affect people's sports mood, but also affect sports effects and reduce the service life of sports floors. , It's not worth the gain. Especially now that the epidemic has a strong counterattack, the cleaning and sanitation of sports venues must not be relaxed. The commonly used sports venues we know are outdoor suspended assembled flooring, indoor sports wooden flooring and PVC sports flooring. Today, I will share with you the cleaning and maintenance methods of PVC sports flooring.


Some people think that the maintenance of the PVC sports floor is simple. If the floor is dirty, wipe it with a mop. As everyone knows, after long-term use and cleaning of PVC sports flooring, stubborn stains and residues will accumulate, resulting in a dull and dull floor surface. What we need to know is that in the daily cleaning of PVC sports floors, strong acid or alkali cleaners cannot be used to clean the floor. Combined with Bona Clean R60 floor cleaner, it can provide a better plastic floor while performing gentle cleaning and maintenance. The protection makes the floor shiny.

In addition to daily cleaning, the daily maintenance of the PVC sports floor is also very important. In order to avoid bringing the sand on the sole of the shoe into the venue and causing the PVC floor to wear and scratch, you can consider placing a sandstone protective mat at the entrance of the sports venue; no nails are allowed in the sports venue. Shoes or high-heeled shoes, do not drag on the floor when carrying objects, especially metal sharp objects at the bottom; do not soak the plastic floor in water for a long time, and do not use burning cigarette butts, mosquito coils, charged irons, high-temperature metals Place items directly on the floor to avoid damage to the PVC floor.

PVC sports flooring also needs regular cleaning and maintenance work. Generally, it is recommended to wax once a month, perform deep cleaning once a quarter, and renovate PVC sports flooring once a year. When cleaning and maintaining the PVC sports floor, you must be careful not to use a cleaning ball or scrape with a blade. For stains that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods, use professional cleaning methods. It is forbidden to use acetone, toluene and other chemicals to clean the PVC floor.