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Gym floor preferred PVC

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With the continuous improvement of people's health awareness, more and more people join the fitness team, and the gym has become the first choice for people to exercise. Having a good fitness experience in the gym In addition to the comprehensive fitness equipment, the quality of the floor plays an increasingly important role in the fitness experience. A good gym sports floor needs to have the characteristics of super wear resistance, strong impact resistance, stable performance, good elasticity, green environmental protection, waterproof and non-slip.

With the rise of the PVC plastic industry in China, modern gyms mostly use PVC plastic flooring with excellent sports performance and reasonable prices as the first choice for flooring panels. Today, I will introduce to you the advantages and irreplaceability of PVC plastic flooring in gym projects.

Structure and performance of special PVC plastic floor for gym:

1. Enclosed PVC foam buffer layer material for gym special plastic floor, such as air cushion structure, provides absolute safety, resilience and standard vibration absorption.

2. The special plastic floor for gym is composed of PVC wear-resistant layer, glass fiber reinforced layer and PVC foamed buffer layer.

3. The glass fiber reinforced layer of the special plastic floor for the gym plays the role of stabilizing the size of the site and prolonging the service life, so that the floor never shrinks, the performance is more stable, anti-aging, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and long service life.

4. The special plastic floor for the gym has good comfort. The friction coefficient of the PVC wear-resistant surface and the special process design make the soles always stick to the ground and non-slip. The surface layer has been specially treated to match the brightness of the light, and will not absorb and reflect glare, which can better protect the athlete's eyes and prevent fatigue.

5. The humanized design combination of the special plastic floor for the gym, and the distinctive color sense of the venue. Anti-slip and shock absorption bring reliable protection for healthy sports, provide excellent sports buffer protection for professional athletes and ordinary fitness people, and can minimize athletes' injuries. Better activities for various professional and intense competition venues such as starting, kicking, sliding, braking and so on.


Different fitness areas have different floor requirements due to different fitness equipment.

Gymnastics room

The floor of the gymnastics room should meet the requirements of easy cleaning, maintenance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, no deformation, no cracking, and flexible PVC coiled floor can be selected (tap dancing is not suitable for selection).


Equipment area

The equipment area is often impacted by equipment. The floor should meet the requirements of impact resistance and not suitable for damage. It is recommended to use high-grade thick rubber floor.


Dynamic garage

The floor of the dynamic garage should be suitable for dynamic requirements. Colorful, bright, and vibrant collocation. It is recommended to choose PVC coiled floor, PVC metal pattern floor and glass floor


Toerana fanatanjahan-tena

Different floors are used for sports areas according to different sports requirements. Badminton special floors are used for badminton, table tennis special floors are used for table tennis, and PVC sports floors can be used for volleyball and basketball.


Passage and recreation area

The leisure area should meet the requirements of easy cleaning, maintenance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, no deformation, no cracking, environmental protection, and comfort. It is recommended to use PVC foamed coil flooring.