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Famakafakana ny antony mahatonga ny sisin'ny gorodona plastika PVC

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Any floor may have problems of this kind during use, and when there is a problem with the floor, consumers will first attribute the responsibility to the quality of the floor. In the case of PVC plastic floor warping, it causes the floor to warp. The reason is not necessarily a quality problem!

 In fact, there are many factors that cause the edge of PVC plastic floor to be warped, and the following editor will analyze them one by one.

First, it is quality. Inferior PVC plastic floor has poor structural stability, and it is easy to shrink or expand when exposed to alternating cold and heat temperatures, so it is prone to warping. The regular manufacturer's PVC plastic floor production specifications, the floor quality is guaranteed, durable, and can reduce the chance of edge warping.

Secondly, construction accessories may also cause the floor to be warped. PVC plastic floor paving accessories commonly used glue, double-sided adhesive, welding wire, etc., high-quality glue can make the floor and the ground adhere firmly, while inferior glue will easily cause the floor to be weakly adhered and easy to warp.

    Of course, the construction quality cannot be ignored. Professional construction personnel will inspect the construction environment and ground foundation conditions before construction. They are also professionally responsible for paving. However, for unprofessional construction, the ambient temperature and ground foundation, such as the ground, are not considered. Unevenness, sand and gravel, water stains, etc., will cause the floor to warp.

 Finally, improper use, careless maintenance, long-term soaking in water, etc. will also cause the floor to curl.

    Therefore, when purchasing high-quality PVC flooring, in order to ensure that the floor does not appear to be warped as much as possible, you must choose a regular manufacturer like Jiqiu. All products are made of brand new materials, with good product stability, and at the same time choose high-quality accessories. With a professional construction team, it can reduce many problems caused by the materials themselves or paving materials.