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Advantages of PVC lock floor

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In a broad sense, PVC flooring is a large family of various types, including floor leather, household plastic flooring, commercial plastic flooring, PVC self-adhesive flooring, PVC locking flooring, ordinary PVC sheets, etc. Among these categories, the most suitable for home paving is the lock floor. Let's take a look at the reasons:

High quality and environmental protection

In the production of PVC lock floor, the pressing technology is adopted, no glue is needed during paving, and the close connection between the floors can be used to prevent the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde from the source. After the lock floor is formed, the structure is tight, and the influence of thermal expansion and contraction is negligible, and it has a long service life.

Full of high-end

The flower film of PVC lock floor adopts high-definition printing technology, whether it is imitation wood grain, stone grain or carpet grain, it can achieve high color fidelity and delicate patterns. The size of the lock floor is also very close to the commonly accepted wooden floor, ceramic tile, and marble floor. After the floor surface is embossed, the overall workmanship effect will become more high-end. From the paving effect, it is difficult for non-professionals to identify whether it is a PVC lock floor. It can fully show the warmth and softness of wooden floors; the cleanliness and quality of tiled floors; and the atmosphere and luxury of marble floors!

Easy hametraka

In the paving process of PVC lock floor, there is no need to make a thick layer of cement mortar like tile or marble floor, and no need to pave the keel like wooden floor, as long as the ground is flat, it can be directly pavement. There are locks on each floor, which can be firmly and tightly connected. As long as simple paving tools are needed in paving, the joints between the floors are tight after paving! No water can seep down!

Minimal maintenance

The surface of the PVC lock floor is a UV wear-resistant layer, which has very good stain resistance. It will not be scratched in daily use. Just like the tile floor, you only need a broom or mop to clean when there is dirt. There are taboos in the use of any floor. Just like we use ceramic tiles and marble floors, we must avoid hammers and other hard objects. When using wooden floors, we must avoid the contact of cigarette butts and other light and dark fires; when using PVC locks In the floor process, avoid deliberate depiction of knives.

Big price advantage

The price of PVC lock floor has obvious advantages compared with solid wood flooring, ceramic tile, marble floor, etc. This is because it does not need to purchase a large amount of expensive wood like solid wood flooring in the production process; it does not require complicated Production process; there is no need to purchase expensive stones and complicated processing techniques like marble flooring.

PVC lock floor has gained a high penetration rate abroad, but it is still a new thing in the domestic home improvement market. Any new things will always be questioned at the beginning, some will gradually disappear in the voice of doubt, while others will develop and grow in the voice of doubt, and finally lead a new trend. PVC lock floor is of high quality and low price, in line with the objective conditions of the home improvement market; using renewable green environmental protection resin as the main material, healthy and environmentally friendly.