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When buying PVC flooring, should you choose a dense bottom or a foamed bottom

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With the change of people's consumption concept, plastic flooring is becoming more and more popular in the domestic market, especially in commercial places. It is used in various office places, business places and department stores. PVC commercial plastics Floors are divided into foamed bottoms and dense bottoms according to the different base material layers. When buying PVC flooring, which of the foamed type and the dense type is more suitable for you?

Foaming bottom means adding foaming agent in the production process to make the bottom layer more fluffy, the floor is softer, has good elasticity, can play a good cushioning effect, can protect the safety of athletes, and is more suitable for sports floors. In, the application in kindergartens is also very common nowadays.

The dense bottom is not foamed, and the structure is denser, the floor is harder, and has stronger compressive properties. For a lighter office, it is often necessary to place various cabinets, chairs, and tables. If you use it If the foamed plastic floor is placed for a long time, it is easy to form dents and affect the aesthetic effect. Therefore, in reality, relatively high-end commercial venues mostly use compact commercial floors.

Both the foamed bottom and the dense bottom of the plastic floor have their own strengths. The foamed bottom is soft, and it is easier to leave indentations when heavy objects are placed on it, but the recovery ability is also stronger; the surface of the dense bottom is not easy to leave indentations, but The resilience performance is poor, and if there is an indentation, it is difficult to restore the original shape. Therefore, when we choose, we can choose the appropriate PVC floor according to the site requirements.