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Nui nā kumu nui e hoʻoholo ai i ka maikaʻi o ka papahele PVC

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PVC plastic floor has the characteristics of dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non-slip, wear-resistant, easy to install, easy to clean, easy to maintain, comfortable feet, and environmental protection. PVC plastic floor fully meets the needs of customers. The price of PVC plastic floor ranges from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan per square meter. Different prices mainly reflect the difference in floor quality? So what are the factors that affect the quality of PVC plastic flooring?


01 whether the raw material is new or recycled


In order to save costs, some manufacturers use recycled materials to produce PVC plastic flooring. The plastic floor using 100% brand new raw materials is more environmentally friendly and can more effectively resist aging, so it has a longer service life.


02Total thickness of plastic floor and thickness of wear-resistant layer


The thicker the total thickness, the thicker the wear-resistant layer, the more materials used in its production, and the more comfortable foot feel.

The surface of the commercial PVC plastic floor has a special high-tech processed transparent wear-resistant layer, and its wear-resistant revolutions can reach 300,000 revolutions. Among the traditional floor materials, the more wear-resistant laminate flooring has a wear-resistant revolution of only 13,000 revolutions, and a good laminate floor has only 20,000 revolutions.


03Production process


It uses the scraping method and the calendering method. Different production processes have different stability of the PVC plastic floor. The higher the stability, the better the quality.


04The grade of the printing layer


The higher the grade, the more exquisite the texture, and the quality of the printing directly determines the appearance of the PVC plastic floor. The high-quality PVC plastic floor must have rich and varied patterns and clear details.


05Whether there is a UV layer on the surface


The UV layer not only prevents ultraviolet rays, but also has strong stain resistance. The PVC plastic floor with UV surface treatment is more stain-resistant than the one without UV, and it is easy to take care of daily.


06Glass fiber layer density


The better the materials used for the wear-resistant layer, glass fiber layer and other raw materials, the higher the density, the better the quality of the corresponding PVC plastic floor.

07 PVC Plastic Floor Brand

The positioning of each brand causes its quality to be different. For a good brand of PVC plastic flooring, when choosing raw materials, every layer of material is considered thoughtful, and at the same time, proper production technology is used to ensure the quality of the product and the performance of each project.

Different brands have different quality. In addition, under the same brand, there are different product series, and under this series, there are different product thickness parameters and different width parameters. The quality is naturally different. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the thickness parameters and wear resistance of the product when choosing. Products used in some places can achieve the best combination of quality and price.