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Pākuʻi ʻenehana hana papa PVC 1)

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5. Floor paving-pre-laying and cutting. Whether it is a coil or a block, it should be placed on site for more than 24 hours to restore the memory of the material. The temperature is consistent with the construction site. Use a special trimmer to cut and clean the burrs of the coil. When laying the blocks, there should be no joints between the two materials. When laying the coiled material, the overlap of the two pieces of material should be overlapped and cut. Generally, it is required to overlap by 3 cm. Pay attention to keeping one cut.   

6. Floor paving-pasting. Choose the corresponding glue and squeegee suitable for PVC flooring. When laying the coiled material, fold up one end of the coiled material, first clean the floor and the back of the coiled material, and then scrape the glue on the floor. When paving blocks, please turn the blocks up from the middle to both sides, and also clean the floor and the back of the floor before applying glue. Different adhesives have different requirements during construction. For details, please refer to the corresponding product manual for construction.   

7. Floor paving-exhaust, rolling  After the floor is pasted, first use a cork block to push the floor surface to level and squeeze out the air, and then use a 50 or 75 kg steel roller to evenly roll the floor and trim the splice in time The situation of warped edges. The excess glue on the floor surface should be wiped off in time. After 24 hours, slot and weld again.  

8. Floor paving-seam   Slotting must be done after the glue is completely solidified. Use a special slotting device to slot along the seam. To make the welding firm, the seam should not penetrate the bottom. It is recommended that the slotting depth is the thickness of the floor. 2/3. At the end part where the opener cannot open, please use the manual opener to open the seam with the same depth and width. Before the welding seam, the residual dust and debris in the groove must be removed.  

9. Floor paving-welding seam  Manual welding gun or automatic welding equipment can be used for welding seam. The temperature of the welding gun should be set at about 350 degrees. At an appropriate welding speed (to ensure that the welding rod melts), squeeze the welding rod into the opened groove at a uniform speed. When the electrode is half cold, use an electrode trowel or a moon cutter to cut off the part of the electrode that is higher than the floor level. When the electrode is completely cooled, use the right-of-use electrode trowel or moon cutter to separate the remaining protrusions of the electrode. 

11. Floor cleaning and maintenance   PVC series floors are developed and designed for indoor places and are not suitable for laying and using in outdoor places. Please use the corresponding cleaning agent for regular cleaning and maintenance according to the method recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid high-concentration solvents such as toluene, banana water, and strong acids, and pour strong alkaline solutions on the floor surface. Avoid using inappropriate tools and sharps to scrape or damage the floor surface.