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Nā hiʻohiʻona o ka papahele kāpili

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1. The most prominent feature of rubber flooring is its high elasticity and comfortable feet.

2. It has good slip resistance, which is unmatched by other hard floors such as stone and ceramic tiles. The feeling of walking on the rubber floor is solid and relaxed. Rubber floor

3. The rubber floor has high strength and good wear resistance, which is especially suitable for occasions with a lot of people, heavy traffic and heavy load. Rubber floor

4. The rubber floor can be used for a long time indoors and outdoors

5. Rubber flooring can be made into many special properties and uses: such as high insulation, antistatic, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

6. Rubber floor is a kind of all-round environmental protection material: it is non-toxic and harmless, there is no three wastes in the production process, no mold, no bacteria, no harmful gas or substance release during use, good heat insulation performance, antibacterial Sex "=99.9%

7. The rubber floor is resistant to water and moisture, and the effect of rooms and basements on the ground is more obvious

8. The rubber floor absorbs sound, which can reduce the noise caused by walking.

9. The rubber floor is easy to lay, just stick it on a flat, hard, clean and dry ground with a suitable adhesive. The construction site has no dust, sand, dirty soil, no obvious construction noise, and no harm to the surrounding environment.

10. The maintenance of the rubber floor is very simple, and the daily cleaning can be wiped with a damp and clean mop

11. The replacement of the rubber floor is also very convenient. It will not damage the original ground if it is replaced with the old one. It is also very easy to replace other floor materials.