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ʻO nā mea maikaʻi o ka papa haʻuki haʻuki kino

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When choosing a floor, it is necessary to clarify the main purpose and use scene of the floor, especially the choice of sports rubber floor. The physical and chemical properties of the product, the service life and appearance of the product, and other requirements and functions must be clarified.

Sports rubber floor: a floor made of synthetic rubber particles and its polymer materials. Mainly used for: outdoor paths, outdoor flyovers, indoor gymnasiums, fitness centers and other places with high traffic, as well as kindergartens, schools, playgrounds and other sports venues.

The rubber sports floor mainly plays the role of shock absorption, non-slip, and sound insulation. It also has the functions of flame retardancy, wear resistance, antistatic, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning.

Comparison of rubber sports flooring with other flooring

A. Compared with wood: shock absorption, flame retardant, waterproof, antistatic, and corrosion resistant;

B. Compared with stone: non-slip, shock absorption, sound insulation, good elasticity, anti-static, relatively simple and convenient construction;

C. Compared with PVC: shock absorption, wear resistance, and non-slip. 

Among them, sports rubber flooring and PVC plastic flooring are mostly used in sports venues. When choosing between the two, pay attention to the following differences

1. The composition and production process are different: the rubber sports floor is divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber floor refers to a floor made of vulcanized single-layer or multi-layer structure with the same color and composition based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber; non-homogeneous rubber floor refers to a floor based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber. 

2. Different colors: It is difficult to color rubber sports flooring, because rubber has strong color absorption, so most rubber flooring has a single color; and PVC flooring has many colors, which can be combined at will, which can give designers more Many choices. 

3. There are differences in installation difficulty: PVC flooring is lighter in texture and convenient and quick to install; rubber flooring is heavy and installation is more laborious. Moreover, the installation method of the rubber floor is more stringent. If the method is not correct, bubbles will appear, and the requirements for the self-leveling foundation are more perfect, otherwise the defects of the base layer will be exaggerated.

4. There are differences in market demand and safety protection: rubber sports flooring is only used in some high-end venues due to its high price, and its scope is relatively small; while PVC flooring is widely used due to its super high cost performance and has a huge market potential. However, the rubber floor has stronger abrasion resistance and is unique in shock absorption and safety protection. It is used in outdoor paths, outdoor flyovers, gyms, fitness centers and other places with high traffic, as well as kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, train tracks, containers, The ship deck is impeccable.