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Inda za a iya shimfiɗa bene na PVC kai tsaye

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PVC flooring is one of the most popular floor decoration materials at the moment. It is mainly used in hospitals, schools, offices, factory workshops, sports venues, etc. Today, I will mainly talk to you about the ground on which PVC flooring can be directly laid. 

General cement floor

First of all, ordinary cement concrete foundations can be laid without self-leveling construction. PVC floors can be laid, regardless of whether they are rolled or sheet floors, but the foundation must be: no sand, no hollowing, no cracking, and good ground strength , Solid and firm; ground humidity requirements: less than 4.5%; 2mm error within 2 meters; no grease, paint, paint, glue, chemical solution and colored paint on the ground. If the above requirements are not met, then self-leveling must be done.

Tile floor 

The tile foundation can also be directly laid with PVC flooring, but it is best to choose a plastic floor or SPC lock floor with a thickness of 2 mm or more, otherwise, after the completion of the construction, you will see obvious traces of the tile floor joints.

Wooden floor surface

The surface of the wooden floor can also be directly laid with PVC floor. Due to the poor stability of the wooden floor, it is recommended to use white glue and wood powder to repair the floor joints and the floor surface. After the PVC floor is laid, if the plastic floor is too thin, the surface will be too thin. There are seam marks. The surface of the wooden floor cannot be self-leveling construction.

Steel floor

Self-leveling construction is not allowed on the surface of the steel plate. It is possible to lay directly above the PVC floor. Note that the welds and joints of the steel plate must be repaired with putty and smoothed before laying the PVC floor. However, the surface of the paved floor is uneven. For those with embossed patterns on the surface of the steel plate, the surface of the

Epoxy self-leveling ground. 

Epoxy floors cannot be directly self-leveling construction. If self-leveling construction is required, delamination problems will occur. The construction of PVC floor can be carried out directly. The surface of the floor must be roughened before construction, and the greased ground must be degreasing treatment before laying the PVC floor.