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Wadanne kayan taimako ake buƙata don shimfidar bene na filastik kasuwanci

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Commercial plastic flooring is a popular floor material today. It is environmentally friendly, non-slip, wear-resistant, lightweight, easy to clean, and comfortable on the feet. It is widely used in medical places, education places, retirement places, office places, commercial places, etc . So what auxiliary materials are needed for paving?

Kayan taimako

1 interface agent

It is a liquid material and must be used for self-leveling. Emulsion interface treatment agent, used for the primer of absorbent bases such as concrete, cement mortar, and anhydrite bases on walls and floors, that is, to close the capillaries and gaps of the base to reduce porosity The absorption of the base layer; at the same time, it enhances the interface adhesion of the base layer and acts as a bonding bridge; the base layer after the primer can be self-leveling and leveling construction.


2 Self-leveling cement

It is a ground leveling material with very good fluidity. It can be used for various foundations with poor flatness, and can be used on marble floors and tile floors. Quickly and automatically level the ground, fast setting, low shrinkage; free control of construction thickness; construction thickness of 2-4mm; economical and affordable. Because PVC flooring requires relatively high flatness of the pavement base, self-leveling is generally required in normal construction.


3 coil glue

It is an adhesive material for bonding with the floor of the coil, an efficient water-based adhesive, suitable for sticking all kinds of PVC coil and sheet floor, PVC backing carpet, etc. on the absorbent base layer.


4 wire bonding

Welding wire is a material that connects the gaps in the PVC coil floor. The gaps are welded together to form a whole, which is not only beautiful, but also prevents water seepage and bacterial growth.