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The ultimate fashion woven pattern PVC floor

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The new green and environmentally friendly PVC woven floor is composed of materials such as PVC and high-strength chemical fiber. It is woven into a three-dimensional artistic carpet to give the space a unique charm. The diversified colors and graphics present rich artistic expression, emphasizing fashion and popularity. It can be used on the ground, wall, top surface, free combination and splicing, to meet the designer's personalized creative space design.

PVC woven carpet has the texture and characteristics of textiles and the practical value of PVC. It is easy to maintain and durable. Different from the general flat PVC floor, its special weave pattern has a natural three-dimensional effect. Through the projection of light, it shows a special visual three-dimensional effect.

PVC woven carpet does not contain formaldehyde and radioactive substances, which is healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. Because the bottom surface is made of environmentally friendly polyurethane, it is comfortable to walk on and does not reflect noise. It is a good choice for high-end office buildings, hotels and other places with high requirements.

High-grade PVC woven carpets have the advantages of high strength and abrasion resistance, non-slip, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and non-toxicity. The surface is smooth and has good adsorption and good shock resistance. It not only has the characteristics of being cool and easy to clean the wooden floor, but also has the gentle foot feeling and tranquil effect of the wool carpet, so it is more widely used. It has a long service life and is easy to carry during construction. It does not require professional construction during laying. The PVC foam layer on the bottom of the carpet has strong elasticity and cushioning properties, which can absorb strong impact and prevent the surface from being damaged.

PVC woven carpets have various styles. The surface has a pattern of grids, a variety of fabric textures, a variety of colors and patterns, and the colors are soft, durable, and have a three-dimensional effect. There are various specifications of PVC woven carpets, both blocks and rolls, to meet different functional requirements.