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Sirrin da ke ƙarƙashin ƙafafu waɗanda dole ne ku sani don koyon rawa

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Choosing PVC floor glue for dance classrooms has become more and more common in modern schools. The reason is not only the reasons for comfortable and flexible feet, but also the reasons that more people do not understand. Teng Fangwei Everyone briefly summarizes the three major factors of the popularity of PVC floor glue in dance classrooms:


01 / Security protection

  The floor of the dance classroom should not be too hard or slippery, which could easily lead to accidental injuries. The PVC floor glue of Tengfang Dance Classroom is moderately soft and hard. It will be more astringent in water. It will not produce elastic dead spots when used for a long time. The dancer can absorb and cushion the impact of the ground to the maximum extent when taking off, and safely protect the dancer’s ankle and knee joints. , Legs and other body parts.


02 / Sight protection

  The high-brightness floor is reflective and dazzling, and the PVC floor glue of Tengfang Dance Classroom has been specially treated to avoid the interference of the dancers’ sight during the practice.


03 / Environmental protection

  For dancers, the floor is not just in contact with the feet. For reasons of dance movements, other parts of the body often need to be in contact with the ground. This requires the floor to be green and non-hazardous. The PVC floor glue in Tengfang Dance Classroom is green, environmentally friendly, antibacterial and mildew proof. Even children and old people with low resistance need not worry about any harm.


  Topflor dance classroom PVC floor glue only shows its power for the perfection of body art, and creates a relaxed and happy atmosphere for dancers, so that they can fully show themselves and maximize their level.