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PVC floor, spell out your personality!

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PVC floor is a kind of elastic floor, it is very convenient to cut; in the paving process, it has special seam processing technology, which can realize the effect of extremely small or completely seamless paving; it can also give full play to when paving. The designer's creativity, the color matching design between various colors, and the cutting and splicing of very exquisite personalized patterns!

Small seams are great benefits. The advantages of PVC flooring at the seams and the characteristics of easy cutting make it have a very unique advantage compared to other flooring!

1. Stronger anti-fouling and anti-bacterial properties

The joints of PVC floor are smaller, which is a big breakthrough compared with the floors of many other materials: the chance of holding dirt in the joints of the floor is reduced, and it is more conducive to creating a clean and hygienic environment! In places such as airports, stations, schools, kindergartens, offices and hospitals that require higher anti-fouling and anti-bacterial properties, PVC flooring has become the first choice! 

2. Make the ground more beautiful

Self-adhesive flooring and locking flooring are popular in China for PVC sheet flooring. The specifications and dimensions of each sheet are similar to wood flooring. After regular construction and paving, the seams are very small and difficult to see from a distance. To the seam. If you think that a pattern will appear single, you can choose two patterns to assemble during the paving process, because the seams are very small and the paving effect will be very beautiful!

3. Personality puzzles, full display of creativity

The specifications of PVC coiled flooring are generally 2-3 meters in width and 15-30 meters in length. Compared with sheet flooring, it is softer and more convenient to cut. The joints are welded by special welding wires. , Can be completely seamless. In the actual paving process, color matching and mosaic design are easier to operate; the PVC coiled floor itself is extremely rich in color patterns, and the creative space that can be used in color matching and mosaic design is very large and exquisite color mosaic. The design is enough to make the ground a work of art, and make the whole environment full of art!