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Yadda ake kula da turf ɗin wucin gadi daga baya

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Compared with traditional grass maintenance methods, the maintenance and maintenance process of common artificial grass is simpler. The field does not require "rest" like grass. The following precautions can help you maintain and maintain artificial grass:

1. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and discard cigarette butts on the lawn to prevent corrosive food and beverages (such as acid-base drinks, etc.) from contacting the lawn

2. Keep adjacent areas free of garbage, debris, mud, dirt and oil spills.

3. Paint and use sports signs to repair small damages in time.

4. Do not park the vehicle on the artificial turf, especially in hot weather, or park the vehicle on the wet grass for a long time.

5. If the grass is used with overweight, the field should be specially arranged with plywood and fiber to protect the turf.

6. Follow the maintenance and cleaning procedures, keep the site clean, and clean the site when needed.

7. Ensure that there are enough garbage bins for sports personnel.

8. Control the frequency of using artificial turf.

9. Remove ice and snow in time

10. The site should be specially arranged to use plywood and fiber to protect the turf. Follow the maintenance and cleaning procedures of the artificial turf.