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Antibacterial properties of PVC plastic floor

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PVC plastic flooring is widely used in medical and health care systems. Why is it widely used in medical and health care systems, while traditional wood floors and ceramic tiles are not widely used? In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, PVC plastic floor has antibacterial properties.


In medical care, hospitals, clinics, elderly care and other places, antibacterial performance is the most important indicator. Especially in hospitals, the germ environment is complex, and the requirements for floors and wall panels are relatively high. Wooden floors are prone to bacterial growth and mildew, which is definitely not good. s Choice. The biggest problem with ceramic tiles is that they are hard, slippery, and complicated in construction. Most of the equipment and utensils are indispensable for health care in hospitals. Most of them are glass, which can be easily broken when dropped on the ground. In addition, patients and the elderly can easily fall, so they can only choose flexible ones. PVC plastic floor is also a buffer against falls.


The antibacterial performance of PVC plastic floor is not just a talk, but is supported by data and experiments.


1. PVC itself does not have an environment for bacterial growth. Most bacteria have no affinity for PVC. At present, it is known that yellow mealworms can be interested in PVC and eat PVC, but it is impossible for such animals to appear in these environments. Even if there is, it is estimated that the ground of a hospital will be enough for yellow mealworms for a long time, of course, they have been found and cleaned before then.


2. PVC plastic floor is not hydrophilic and does not react to water. You can take a piece of plastic floor for an experiment, put the PVC plastic floor in the water, and observe that there is basically no change in the PVC plastic floor after a few days.


3. The more important thing is the test report. At present, there are various microbiological testing institutions in the country, all of which have related test reports. The same is true for floors. Therefore, regular PVC plastic floor factories will conduct tests. The test reports clearly indicate the antibacterial performance index parameters. , The data will not be faked.


4. The most direct is the case application. As long as it is a medical place, whether it is halls, wards, surgery, corridors, etc., PVC plastic flooring is used, which also shows the performance of PVC plastic flooring.