À quoi dois-je faire attention lors de l'achat de revêtements de sol en plastique PVC pour les centres commerciaux?

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PVC plastic flooring is currently widely used in construction sites such as homes, schools, and office buildings. Although the floor is used by many people, shopping malls also use more, so how to choose PVC plastic flooring in shopping malls, Topflor will escort you.

Shopping malls have a large passenger flow and a large area, so the quality of the ground materials required should be relatively high, and they must be wear-resistant. In addition, there are many elderly children in the shopping malls, which can easily cause congestion and fall. Plastic flooring is basically to be wear-resistant and non-slip, followed by color and thickness.

Topfleur PVC plastic floor is widely used in various passenger traffic places, such as shopping malls, hospitals, etc., because Topfleur PVC floor homogenous penetrating series products have high abrasion resistance, good anti-skid performance, and fire rating B1, which is greatly extended The service life of PVC plastic floor, Topfleur PVC plastic floor construction is convenient, shorten the construction period, and ensure the normal business of the mall.

 Therefore, to buy PVC plastic flooring in shopping malls, you must identify the brand, review the test report, and consider the performance. Topfleur PVC plastic flooring has passed nearly 40 test certifications, including products, technology, and construction.