Le fitness national est devenu une tendance, l'avez-vous rejoint ?

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What floor is good for the gym? This sentence is problematic for professional gym floor experts. The gym is different from other sports venues. It has many items, and different projects need to choose floors with different functions. You cannot use "gym floors" to generalize. Choosing different gym floors according to different areas is also a key to choosing gym floors.


The following is the application of the gym floor in different areas of the gym:


1. PVC plastic floor of gym floor


The aerobic equipment training area of the gym is mainly composed of electronic intelligent aerobic equipment, including electric treadmills for large gyms, magnetically controlled vehicles (vertical and horizontal), elliptical machines, etc. It is recommended to lay out plastic sports flooring series in this area.


The plastic sports floor is soft in texture and has good elastic recovery ability under the impact of heavy objects, which also determines the super impact resistance of the PVC plastic floor. The wear resistance of the surface wear layer can reach 300,000 revolutions, which is several times the wear resistance of the current ordinary floor, and the wear layer feels more astringent under the condition of sticky water, making it difficult for athletes to slip and fall.



2. Rubber cushions for gym floor


People are used to calling anaerobic training as strength training, and this type of fitness equipment is called strength equipment. It is recommended to lay rubber cushions in this area.


The curled long-chain molecular structure of the rubber and the weak secondary forces between the molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties, so it has good shock absorption, sound insulation and cushioning properties, thus ensuring the stability of the floor , Noise reduction, noise reduction, water absorption and breathability, is one of the best ground treatment programs for gym floors where heavy fitness equipment is placed.

3. The pvc sports floor of the gym floor


PVC sports floor is a sports floor specially developed for sports venues using polyvinyl chloride material. Compared with hard ground, it has good safety, shock absorption and rebound force, and its own sportiness can be fully exerted. It is durable, beautiful, and available in a variety of colors and styles. Competition and sports are very comfortable on this kind of field, and athletes can be well protected.

In the gym decoration design, there are many areas suitable for laying pvc sports floors, such as the ball free project area, the world's best spinning bike room, the gym room for aerobics and dancing, etc.

The quality of a gym is not only related to the number of fitness equipment, fitness coaches and fitness types, but also related to the overall design of the gym, especially the ground design. Don't choose a floor in a unified way regardless of the function of the place because of cost savings, or to save trouble, which will cause unnecessary losses and troubles. Different floor materials must be selected according to different areas to create the most professional gym floor