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Causes of arching and foaming of PVC sports floor and treatment methods

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PVC floor is a new type of lightweight floor decoration material, which is very popular in the world today. It has entered the Chinese market since the early 1980s. So far, it has been widely recognized and applied in table tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasiums and other places in large and medium-sized cities in my country. However, because we don't know much about the construction methods and details of PVC sports flooring, we are at a loss when we find problems. Among them, the more prone problem is: shortly after the completion of the construction, the floor will be arched and blistered, which not only affects its beauty, but also affects its service life, which makes people very worried. So, do you know the reason for the arching and blistering of PVC sports flooring? What should we do?

Before understanding the cause of arching and blistering of PVC sports flooring, it is necessary to understand blistering and arching. As the name suggests, blistering refers to the appearance of blistering on the floor and looks bulging; while arching is The floor has a curvature. Although it is not as obvious as blistering from the look and feel, there will be a sense of suspension when stepping on it.

1. Causes of foaming in PVC sports flooring

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons:

1. Mainly because of the foundation. If the moisture resistance of the civil engineering base is not good; the flatness and hardening of the foundation are unqualified; the foundation is not completely dry and the water content exceeds 3%. These problems will cause foaming of PVC sports flooring in the later stage of construction.

2. The selection of auxiliary materials, climate, temperature and construction control are not good enough. For example, the self-leveling is not dry, the self-leveling fouling is serious, and the glue is not suitable; the construction channel temperature is low, the humidity during the construction process is high, the cooling time is not enough, the ground exhaust is not smooth, etc.; Water seepage under the floor, etc., will cause the PVC sports floor to bubble.

[Maintenance plan] If there are a lot of blisters on the PVC floor, it basically needs to be reinstalled. It is worth noting that if the construction site is a closed space with high humidity and no ventilation, the self-leveling drying time must be relatively extended. 

Second, the cause of the arching of the PVC sports floor

1. There is a problem with the reserved joint space, that is, the expansion joint is insufficiently reserved, or the expansion joint is filled with gypsum, putty, etc., so that the PVC floor cannot be stretched during installation, which will cause the floor to arch;

2. A problem occurred during the installation of the PVC sports floor, that is, during the installation process, there is a foreign body under the floor or there is a floor, and it is still a solid wood floor. Both of these situations will cause the PVC sports floor to be installed after the installation is completed. Arching due to damp.

[Maintenance plan] Remove the skirting board and re-reserve the expansion joint; add a buckle at the connection between the room and the room; reinstall the skirting line, remove the plaster, putty, etc.; open the floor and reinstall; remove the floor to make the floor flat and dry , And then re-lay the floor.

Well, the above is the reason for the arching and foaming of the PVC sports floor. I hope everyone can understand it and pay more attention to it during the installation and construction process to avoid problems.

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