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Какви са предимствата на PVC спортните настилки?

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What are the advantages of PVC sports flooring? It mainly includes the advantages of environmental protection, wear resistance, sound insulation, fire and moisture resistance, and good foot feel. It is widely used in developed countries, but in view of the fact that many domestic users do not have enough understanding of PVC sports floors, I will introduce relevant knowledge about sports floors here. For reference of buyers and friends.

PVC sports floors have extremely outstanding advantages in terms of wear resistance. During the development process, TPU wear-resistant coatings will be added to the surface layer. The addition of TPU wear-resistant coatings can alleviate the wear of pvc floors, such as according to national authority The inspection of the organization shows that the service life of Topflor PVC sports floor made by advanced technology can reach more than ten years, of which the TPU transparent wear-resistant layer is indispensable, which makes the average wear resistance of the Topflor PVC sports floor The number reaches more than 4000 revolutions, and the wear resistance level is Ac4 level, which can perfectly respond to the use of various environments.

Compared with other material floors, PVC sports flooring is a time-saving and easy to install floor. For example, the installation and construction of Topflor PVC sports floor is very fast and convenient, no cement mortar, no civil engineering, good ground conditions can be bonded with special environmental protection floor glue, can be used in 24 hours, and can be freely assembled, save Time saving.

Relative to other materials and flooring materials, PVC sports floor is still a comfortable and safe floor. Take the Topflor PVC sports floor as an example. It has soft and hard elasticity. This comfortable elasticity makes people feel very footy. Comfortable. In addition, Topflor PVC sports floor also has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, and small thermal expansion coefficient, which makes its surface temperature can often be kept within the human body's suitable range. In addition, Topflor PVC sports flooring is based on "ergonomics" as the reference basis, using equipment imported from France and produced according to the most advanced technology in the world.

The product has the characteristics of suitable friction coefficient and excellent anti-skid coefficient. Topflor PVC sports floor is also designed with a unique multi-directional anti-skid function on the wear-resistant surface, which can make the sole adhere to the ground at all times, and has strong response power while anti-skid, and there is no elastic dead point.