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PVC döşəmənin üstünlük analizi

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With the vigorous development of the PVC flooring market and the rise of various domestic engineering projects, PVC flooring has also been recognized by customers. So what are its advantages?


1. Environmental protection regeneration


Plastic flooring is currently the only renewable material in the floor decoration materials, and it also meets the requirements for sustainable development in today's era. The performance is very stable and will not be moldy due to wet weather, nor cracked due to dry weather.


2. İstilik keçiriciliyi


The thermal conductivity of the plastic floor is better, and the heat dissipation is more uniform, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small and stable. In Europe and the United States, where floor heating is widely used, plastic flooring is the first choice, which is very suitable for home use, especially in cold areas.


3. Many patterns


There are many optional patterns, such as carpet pattern, stone pattern, wooden floor pattern, etc., and even can be customized according to user needs. The lines are realistic and beautiful, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, which can combine to create a beautiful decorative effect.


4. Antibakterial xüsusiyyətlər


The surface of the plastic floor has been treated with special antibacterial treatment, and high-end flooring will also add antibacterial agent. Can kill most bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.


5. Waterproof and moisture proof


Since the main component of the plastic floor is vinyl resin, it has no affinity for water, so it is inherently not afraid of water, as long as the floor is not immersed for a long time, it will not be damaged; and it can effectively prevent mildew caused by high humidity.


6. Super anti-skid


The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the plastic floor has a non-slip effect. It is not easy to fall under the condition of water on the surface. The more water accumulated, the better the anti-skid effect. Therefore, it is widely used in places with high public safety requirements, such as hospitals, schools, and railway stations.


7. Super wear-resistant


The plastic floor has a special transparent wear-resistant layer processed by high technology. The super wear-resistant layer with special surface treatment fully guarantees the excellent wear resistance of the ground material. The thickness and quality of the wear layer directly determine the service life. The standard test results show that the ground of the 0.55mm thick wear layer can be used for more than 10 years under normal conditions, and the 0.7mm thick wear layer is sufficient for more than 15 years, so It is super strong and wear-resistant.


8. High elasticity and super impact resistance


The plastic floor has a soft texture, so it has good elasticity. Even under the impact of heavy objects, it has good elastic recovery, and the coiled floor has better elasticity. Its comfortable foot feel is called "ground material soft gold". The plastic floor can minimize the damage of the ground to the human body and can disperse the impact on the foot, so it is particularly common in sports fields.


9. Fire retardant


The fireproof index of plastic floor can reach B1 level, and the fireproof performance is second only to stone. Compared with ordinary floors, plastic floors are flame-retardant; and the smoke produced by high-quality floors when passively ignited will definitely not harm the human body and will not produce toxic and harmful gases that cause breathing.


10. Sound absorption and noise reduction


Plastic flooring has a sound absorption effect that is incomparable with ordinary floor materials, up to 20 decibels, so it will be an important market for plastic flooring in environments that require quietness, such as school libraries, lecture halls, and theaters.


11. Fast installation and construction


If the joint effect is good, but the construction is complicated and difficult, it will not work. The installation and construction of the plastic floor is very fast. It does not require the commonly used cement mortar. The environment with good ground foundation conditions only needs to be bonded with a special environmentally friendly floor adhesive.


12. Asan texniki xidmət


The maintenance of the plastic floor can be said to be very convenient and simple, and the dirt and stolen goods can be cleaned with a mop and rag. If you want to maintain the lasting and shiny effect of the floor, you only need to wax regularly for maintenance, and the maintenance times are much lower than other floors.