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Rubber flooring suddenly became popular

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There are many kinds of floor decoration materials. In addition to the well-known ceramic tiles, marble, wood floors, etc., there are now many new types of decoration materials, such as: rubber floor, resin floor, linen floor and so on.


However, many designers are not very clear about the properties and construction techniques of these new materials. Sometimes they are "confused". Take the rubber soleplate as an example. You may think it is just a thin layer of glue. It’s over...actually it’s not. Today, let’s learn about the content of rubber flooring systematically.

What material is rubber floor?


1. What do we need to know about rubber flooring?

Rubber floor refers to a floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymer materials.


Natural rubber refers to rubber harvested from artificially cultivated rubber trees, while synthetic rubber is a by-product of petroleum, including styrene butadiene, high benzene, butadiene rubber, etc.


In appearance, the rubber floor is bright and bright, and the texture is as soft as rubber, which is especially suitable for bedding in sports venues. As a new type of floor covering material, rubber flooring is gradually favored by the market due to its high-quality body environmental performance and innovative production technology.


2. What are the characteristics of rubber flooring?

Rubber floor has the characteristics of wear-resistant, non-slip, bright color, easy to lay, easy to clean, etc., which is very different from traditional floor. Specifically, rubber flooring has the following characteristics:


1) Green and environmental protection: non-toxic, harmless, non-pollution to the environment, no radioactive elements, can reduce the load-bearing of buildings, is the best choice for high-rise buildings.


2) Waterproof, non-slip, and comfortable: it becomes astringent when exposed to water, which can eliminate the safety concerns of the elderly and children; does not deform when exposed to water, which can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria; and it is impact-resistant, elastic, sound-absorbing, and comfortable on the feet.


3) Simple and fast paving: The rubber floor is easy to lay, and it can be glued on a flat, hard, clean and dry ground with a suitable adhesive. The construction site is free of ash, sand, dirty soil, no obvious construction noise, and no Danger to the surrounding environment.


4) Super abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance: The wear layer on the surface can withstand a lot of trampling and has a long life; it is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and can withstand the test of poor environment.


5) Thermal conductivity: good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, no icy feeling of tiles; small thermal expansion coefficient, suitable for cold areas in the north.