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How to choose the floor of the gym

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Professional gyms should not only show professionalism in equipment supporting, coaching team, fitness guidance, etc., but also the overall decoration, especially the decoration of the sports ground system, is the simplest and most direct means to improve style, professionalism, sports effects and customer experience.

So, what are the characteristics of a good fitness floor? We count the different floor options according to each different area of the gym.

Private Education Function Area

Nowadays, most gyms are designed with functional training areas for personal training.

Personal training function training area, as a private exclusive space for senior VIPs, the floor not only requires environmental protection and health protection, excellent elastic foot feel, vibration absorption efficiency and sportiness, but also professionally designed various targeted types on the floor surface. Functional training legend and size, for personal trainer one-on-one teaching and group courses.

Assist in daily multi-joint, holistic, multi-dimensional movement training, entertaining and entertaining, and improve the physical fitness and physical flexibility, coordination and fun of the athletes, and meet the actual needs of most people.

The private training function area can use plastic customized flooring, which can make the ground have regional cognitive functions. Through a large number of correct training knowledge maps, users can cultivate more creativity and fun in each training session.

Yoga room

In special areas such as yoga, the human body needs to be in contact with the ground for a long time, and the softness, comfort and sound absorption of the floor are relatively high.

Because users need to practice barefoot on the ground, they can choose thick PVC floors, which can make the overall foot feel softer and more comfortable, and can greatly reduce the pressure on the human back, legs, and ankles caused by long-term standing.

At the same time, it also has a significant noise reduction effect, which can reduce the interference of external noise and provide an elegant and focused training environment for yoga players.