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How to buy pvc plastic floor correctly

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At present, there are many types of PVC plastic flooring on the market, and there are many brands. The types are: pvc composite flooring (also divided into foam type and composite type), pvc homogeneous floor, stone plastic floor, linen floor, rubber floor and so on. How to choose so many kinds of pvc flooring?

Choose according to demand. Demand refers to the place where it is used. For example, for hospital use, it is necessary to choose abrasion-resistant, environmentally friendly, antibacterial, long-life, anti-fouling, etc. This kind of place is more suitable for the same quality through-the-heart pvc floor; for kindergarten use, it is necessary to choose a soft and flexible pvc composite floor, foam type, because this floor is flexible and the color is diverse, it can prevent children Falling and knocking can be done with various beautiful and active shapes, so it is more suitable for children; for office use, you can choose pvc composite floor or stone-plastic floor, pvc composite floor choose dense type, office traffic is not Very large, but there are many desks and office chairs. The pvc composite floor dense or stone plastic floor can meet this requirement. It is resistant to compression and does not worry about the desk or office chair being crushed. Of course, this kind of place can also use the same through floor. From the cost point of view, the homogenous penetrating floor is higher. If you use the same quality penetrating low-end product price, you can buy high-end products of pvc composite floor. The price of pvc composite floor is longer than the permeable floor. Many can also leave the annual maintenance cost. Therefore, considering the cost of office use, recommend PVC composite or stone-plastic flooring products.