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Hospital PVC floor application design scheme

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At present, most hospital constructions have introduced new international hospital decoration design concepts, and the functionality of floor decoration materials has become the most basic requirement. In recent years, PVC flooring has come to the fore among many floor materials, and has gradually become the first choice for new hospital projects and renovations of old buildings. Especially for the hospital’s demand for infection control, cleanliness is always the first. Secondly, the requirements for safety and easy cleaning are also high.

Children's area

The PVC plastic floor is rich in colors, and you can use spots, patterns and other designs to make the color matching distinct. The clever color collocation of the plastic floor in the children's activity area virtually eliminates children's fear of the hospital, reduces the pressure on medical treatment, and can actively cooperate with treatment.

Nurse station

There are no pores on the surface of the pvc plastic floor, and dirt cannot enter the inner layer. No formaldehyde, no radiation, and the built-in antibacterial properties can provide permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment, effectively preventing microorganisms from multiplying inside and outside the floor. The seamless connection meets the needs of the nurse station for moisture-proof, dust-proof, clean and hygienic.

Hospital lobby

The pvc plastic floor has a special internal structure, which can disperse walking pressure and has a shock absorption effect. It is comfortable to step on, effectively reducing the pain caused by slipping and preventing abrasions. It is especially suitable for areas with large numbers of people in and out of the hospital lobby.

Hospital corridor

The anti-slip function of pvc plastic floor is very outstanding. In addition, the anti-slip characteristic of the plastic floor is that it dries up when exposed to water, which effectively reduces the possibility of the patient falling down due to the potion sprayed by both the slow-moving patient and the hurried nurse in the hospital corridor.