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Do you like to lay PVC floor in kindergarten?

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A childlike interior decoration environment is very important for the physical and mental development of the kindergarten. As a place for children to enlighten, study, live and entertain, children spend most of their time in the kindergarten, and in the decoration materials of the kindergarten, the ground is laid The area is very large, so the choice of kindergarten floor materials is very important. We can see that many kindergartens around us have chosen PVC flooring. Why?

Children are naturally energetic, like jumping up and down, running and tumbling in kindergarten are common things. Sometimes they may even barefoot, touch the floor with their hands. PVC floor has good thermal conductivity, which can effectively lock the surface temperature and make the child less prone to cold; PVC floor The surface is specially treated to play the role of anti-pollution, anti-bacterial performance, effective absorption of ultraviolet rays, enhanced wear resistance, delay product aging and easy cleaning; its seamless splicing technology makes it difficult to hide dirt and reduce dirt in the seam of the floor, reducing The chance of being contaminated with bacteria and germs ensures the health of the child.

The kindergarten PVC floor has excellent anti-skid performance, which makes it difficult for children to step on the floor with liquid; good cushioning and shock absorption design effectively reduce the chance of children falling during activities and reduce the damage caused by children's active activities. Help teachers and parents create a happy and healthy growth environment for children entering the park.

In the eyes of children, the world is colorful, they are often attracted by some rich colors. PVC flooring can be used in a variety of colors, and can also be customized with different patterns and LOGO to create its own unique children's playground.